Why auction at Sheger Logistics?


WHO WE ARE? We at Adugenet Technology Group PLC are here to change the auctioneering game and make bidding easier while making buying safer. We are here to help you earn bigger and better revenues with quick money transfers. We are looking forward to making auctions more accessible to both, the auctioneers and bidders during this pandemic and times of social distancing. As traditional auctions require all the bidders to be present during the auction, they have become inconvenient as public gatherings are advised against during these trying times. Therefore, we here at Adugenet Technology, are bringing auctioning to you!


FOR BIDDERS: Imagine losing your dream house to a higher bidder because they placed their bid after you. Well, you don’t need to anymore because here at Adugenet Technology, you can bid more than once, around the clock, 24/7, using your smart phone or laptop, from anywhere all over the globe. In the case that there is a higher bid than yours, we will send you a notification through email and make sure you don’t miss your chance to make a higher bid for your favourite product and all of this from the comfort of your home too, saving you time and effort of going to a company for viewing the products and placing a bid. You can view the products prior to starting your bidding until end of the auction and keep an eye out for your fellow bidders’ bids, making sure you seize the opportunity to get your hands on that car you have been dreaming about, your perfect family home or just the perfect armchair for your living room. You can find anything and everything here. Moreover, you are not only confines to find auctioneers from your area or a nearby location. You can buy products from all around the country. This way you don’t need to compromise or settle for less because you deserve the best.

Quick & Safe

FOR AUCTIONEERS: Looking to upgrade your old couch to new one? Finding it hard to sell your old machinery? Or are you simply someone who likes to sell stuff? Why not auction it! Simply upload pictures of your products and start the auction. You don’t need to meet a dozen people or show them your product and give the same pitch over and over again. Just provide a description of your product along with the pictures and interested bidders will start bidding. You might just end up with a better deal than you expected. Moreover, you can access people from all over the globe and have bidders from around the world to sell your products. Moreover, this online world of auctioneering will help companies whose businesses are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and they have been unable to auction their products as public gatherings are being discouraged and are even against the law in various countries where violators receive fines. In such times, Adugenet Technology will provide you the platform to revive your business without breaking any laws or putting yourself and anyone else at risk.

Flexible & Full Service