Frequently Asked Questions

Yes registering is free

You have to use user name and pass word for user name you can use your email adres or telephone number

You must fill the international number for example if your mobile number is 0911223344 then you have to fill in 00251911223344

No you need to deposit guarantee amount before you make a bid

No for each item you want to bid you have to deposit guarantee amount

For each lot the deposit amount will be fixed by the admin.

No once you make a bid and is confirmed it is binding you can not cancel your offer

Yes you the admin will post a date when you can go and see the goods

No once you have won the auction you must pay the balance and accept the goods if you don’t accept then you will lose your deposit

You have 10 working days to pay the balance and accept the good

After the auction is closed within 10 working days the deposit minus service fee will be transferred to the bidder account.